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Pastor Brodie -

"The church Leadership is pleased to be bringing a brief update on our plans for the future. First off, we - the Pastors and board - have heard the requests for, and frankly the concerns about the lack of, clear and consistent communication to you - the congregation.  We need to acknowledge that we have not done an adequate job with communication. So on behalf of the leadership, I apologize for anyone feeling uninformed or confused about the place and direction this development and reconstruction is taking. Going forward, we are committed to regular communication with you. Specifically, we will be having a Board Member bring a brief update at least every 2nd week - and any other week if there be any pertinent new information to share. We will also post previous updates, along with today’s, on our website so they can be accessed anytime if trying to recall what exactly was said. Finally, we invite anyone with any questions or concerns to talk with myself or one of our board members. We may not have an answer right away, but we will get back to you promptly.

Now at this time, I want to invite Paul Gaddess to come and share with you. Paul will be your regular spokesperson from the Board on this project. He comes today to briefly summarize our journey and what lies ahead according to God’s leading, God’s will, and ultimately God’s Glory, as all of this is with Him, by Him, and for Him. Nothing will come from this without The Lord!"

Paul Gaddess - 

"Good morning, everyone. This is a quick overview of the Joy Project - where it currently stands, where we are going, and this week local media reached out and are requesting an update. So we'll talk about that a little bit too. For the JOY project, as with any project, the kick off starts with approval and that's where we're at. We're in the approval stage and in the approval stage, we have four steps. Step one is the approval from the city. Step two is the approval from the you, the church membership. Step three, approval from the PAOC in the district and the PAOC at the national level. So far on April 27th a proposal for development was submitted by BGI on behalf of the church to the city. Along with that was a formal application for pre consultation, requesting their comments and requirements related to submit a proposal. That's been about four weeks ago and we haven't heard anything back from the city yet. Larry has reached out a few times and as soon as we hear something back from them, we'll surely let you know.

The other thing that's taken place was on April 28 we submitted a preliminary request to CMHC, the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation for a $150,000 grant. Now, this is all pending on the approval of the city and on the approval of the church, but we wanted to get the process started.

As I mentioned earlier, we received a request from CBC asking for an update concerning Calvary Church's plans with our building moving forward. In follow up from the story that they did at the start of the year, there will be a statement that goes out. The full statement will be on our website if anyone wants to look at it, but generally, it will be letting them know that Calvary Church has submitted a proposal for redevelopment. It does cover a building of a new worship centre along with two apartment buildings, 400 units with half of them being 55 plus affordable housing. So there's a good chance you'll hear that on the radio and perhaps other media this week.

As Pastor Brodie said, if you have any questions, please talk to any member of the board, we'll try to answer them here on Sunday morning if we can. If not, we may have to have to get back to you with information or even have a membership meeting if we need to get in more depth on issues.

Now last - but not least - the request for prayer. We would ask that the church would pray for the board. And I'm not going to ask that you pray specifically for the approval of this proposal. I'm not going to ask for that, but I am going to ask that you would pray for God's will be done. I want you to know as a board member and I know I speak for all the board members, that what we want is God's will and it doesn't matter our experience, it doesn't matter our education as board members. The only thing that matters is God's will. God knows the beginning and the end of this journey. So if you could just please pray for us and for the church in general, it's great. Thank you."