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Thank you, Pastor Brodie. So I do have a pretty good update for you this week. As you remember last week, we had talked about a file being stalled out when it got switched between administrators. Well, this week, there's some new news. So shortly after that, there was a news feed that went out where the city had explained where there was a shortage in the department. I think they said they were five people short and the timeline on applications was somewhere between nine months and a year. Well, that wasn't very good news. So we shared that with BGI and with Ian Jones and told him what we had heard and Ian had said, you know, usually when this happens that city departments will hire consultants and they'll come in and they'll assist them.

So it was shortly after that was shared, sure enough, we were contacted by the city and the city had hired a consultant to come in and assist them. Which lets us know that this isn’t Ian's first rodeo. He's been down this road before. So on June the 20th, the consultant reached out to Ian, her name is Dylan Consulting and Emily reached out and reviewed the bases and an email of what our proposal was. So we know they read through it and she had a few questions for Ian.

The questions were, I think there was three of them, one of them had to do with the 55 plus affordable. Second one was related to the zoning that we currently have on the property. And the third one was related to the heights of the buildings. So that was on June the 20th. On the same day, Ian reached out and responded to them. And then on the next day, the 21st, Emily reached out and asked for some more clarifying information. And then Ian responded and the good news is, which I was really impressed with, was how quick the response back and forth, you know, responded to the same day and the next day. So that's really important. So that's good news. Communications is open back up again and we expect to hear things back and forth.

I want to share one more thing. I want to share about our last board meeting. At our last board meeting. Our pastor, our senior pastor said something that really meant a lot to me. I'm a board member, but I'm also a member of the church. So he looked at the board and he said, if God is in this joy project, it's fine. It's good. But if God is not in this, we don't want anything to do with it. Right? And he said to us right in my heart, you know, just burned when I heard, when I heard that because you know what I know for sure? I don't want to do what Paul thinks is right. I've lived my life, I've seen my mistakes. I want to do what God is right.

Another thing he shared with us in that meeting. Our meetings are usually an hour and a half long and for the first hour and a half of that meeting he shared about ministry and we all know that, you know, this isn't about buildings, this is about ministry and effective ministry. And he said something that's been on my mind ever since. I hope you don't mind me sharing pastor? That he said, do we dare to have a ministry that was like Jesus's ministry. Now, we may say amen. You know, that's good and all that. But if you remember that Jesus ministry, although very effective was not popular with the religious people at the time. So I just want to leave that with you. It was on my mind ever since and affected ministry. And that's what this is all about. It’s not about buildings and what are we praying for? For God's will to be done. That's right. Thank you very much.