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- Paul Gaddess - 

"Thank you. Good morning, everyone. What a privilege. I come here this morning and bring you these updates. And as you remember, last time as we reported that we had sent a proposal into the city and that CBC had asked for an update on where the Calvary Church was as it moves forward. So the report had been out and in that report, it stated that we had submitted the proposal and we had yet to hear back from the city. One of the city councillors upon hearing this took it upon himself to look into this a little further. And, and he had found out that our proposal was stalled out on a desk. And what had, what had taken place is that the original administrator that was handling our case is no longer there. It got handed on to somebody else. It was reviewed and it was deemed to be missing some information even though we had provided all the information originally required from the first administrator. So the good news is that the channels of communications have been opened up and BGI is now working with the city planner to gather all the information that is required and we will be submitting that. So I just want to encourage the congregation that I know it might feel like that’s a little discouraging but God is in the delays, the timing is perfect with us. Sometimes in the world we get frustrated. But we all, I have, I have testimony, we all have testimonies. I could speak to how God worked in the delays. So just continue to pray that the Lord’s will be done and look forward to what the future brings. Thank you."