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So it's update time again for the project. You recall two weeks ago when we did our update that the city Planning Department at church. So that took place and the church was represented by Brodie and Larry at that meeting. This is the first time we had an opportunity to meet with the city since the initial proposal went in. The three main points that were discussed at the meeting were one, rezoning… Unfortunately, if we move ahead with the project rezoning will be required. That's really not a surprise. But we thought it was worth a try to ask anyways, you don't know until you ask, right? The second thing is the city will require in our proposal, an independent traffic study. So that will take place. And the third thing that was discussed at the meeting was the heights of the buildings. Now, if you recall the height of the apartment buildings are 10 story and Ian knew that this was over the current allowance, but based on the housing situation and the fact that there has been variances in the past, we thought we'd ask. So based on that, we'll have to re look at that at the height of the building. Next steps, the city is to provide us with detailed minutes that will include the next steps moving forward that they require. And so Ian has committed to, once he receives the minutes, getting back to the city sometime in September. So just to remind the congregation, we're still in the proposal stage. And that in order to move from the proposal stage, the church has to give the final approval to go to the next stage. So I just want to remind you of that we're still in the initial stages. And before we move on, it'll only be through the church's direction. So we continue to trust God has a plan for Calvary church and we will follow where he leads.

Thank you.

- Paul Gaddess