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Good morning church family. It's update time again. If you remember from our last update that we had just had our first formal meeting with the city and there was three main points that came out of that. The points were the height of the building, the questions concerning zoning and also a request for a traffic study.

So the update for today is that a revised proposal is being worked on and the revised proposal will go from 10 stories down to eight stories. We're not going to change the zoning. We're going to continue with the same zoning request hoping that the change in the building height will make a difference. So we're asking the city to reconsider that. Another change from last update is the timeline. We thought the revised proposal would be turned in by the end of September and that has moved up. So Ian, our developer has committed to having a proposal done and turned in in the next 1 to 2 weeks. So that's good.

One of the questions that was raised from the last update was if we go from 10 stories to eight stories. Does the financial plan still work for the project? And the answer to that is yes, it does. All the projections that have been given today were actually based on eight stories. So nothing has changed. There all is good.

I just want to remind, as it was brought up in the last two weeks, so I wanted to remind everybody and we'll continue to repeat. This is not a board decision to move forward. This is a congregational decision to move forward. It's the board's job to do their due diligence on behalf of the church to make sure that to work with the city to see if the proposal looks acceptable and also look into the financing of it to make sure that that is doable. At that point, after that, it goes to the congregation and the congregation with God's leading will vote and give us directions on what the next steps will be. Thank you and God bless.

- Paul Gaddess