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Pastor Phil -

"Just a brief announcement to you regarding our ongoing project with BGI Development Group for our Church Property. As shared here previously, it’s in that conceptual stage that we presented to you with the ability for apartment buildings to help with attainable housing, seniors dwelling, and also a new home for Calvary. And as we go along, just to just be very clear as we move along, there's going to be a lot of consultation because this is not some group at the top leading forward. It's us as a body working together to build for the future. I want to repeat this. I think it's so important for us to hear. Nobody would have dreamed at the beginning of September that we would be here right now. Nobody would have dreamed that we would be talking about this adventure that God is taking us on. But Amal was reminded that the first Sunday outside of our own building when we were gathered at cornerstone, God spoke to us through a word and said, do not be stressed or worried. I have a plan. I'm clinging to that promise that God has a plan. Is this big? Is this hard to get your head around? Yes. But who's bigger than a building? Who's bigger than a situation? Who wants to build his church and the gates of hell or any hurricane is going to come against? So be in prayer that as the city planners and those that have to look at this will give it initial approval so it can move up to the next stage. We'll keep you informed with any kind of details as they come along. So far, we thank the Lord for his good grace in this regard."