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Pastor Brodie -

"We are excited to share with you today some further preliminary information on the potential development project for our church. As was shared in February, we were approached by a developer who presented their Philanthropic Vision to help to construct a building for Calvary Church through a simultaneous build of   an apartment complex for seniors, including affordable housing.  This development would then be the sole ownership of Calvary Church. To review the basics of this potential partnership, we wanted to introduce you via video recording to the President of BGI Development Group, Mr. Ian Jones. Ian has recorded a short video to say hi to you, the Calvary Congregation:

Ian’s Greetings Video

The leadership of Calvary - Pastor Phil, Myself, The Board, and the building committee have all met with Ian via zoom multiple times and have enjoyed good times of prayer, shared vision, and working through some questions and arrangements for the project. It continues to be an amazing journey, and as Ian has said here, we will continue to proceed as God leads and opens the doors.

It is important to understand the most basic idea behind this plan. Essentially, it is that the housing complex will help to pay for the church building. Not only is there great potential for impacting the community through helping with a practical need like housing and community ministry initiatives, but the housing complex is actually the catalyst for meeting the financial requirements for a new church building.

The next step will see BGI Development Group take this preliminary report and create a proposal to the City which will respond with any rezoning, permits, and further studies that may be required.  If we do proceed, the finished result may look different from what we begin with, but this is the nature of a large scale project such as this. Once some of these details are worked out from the City’s perspective, we can present to the membership that plan for moving ahead.

We want to reiterate once again today that nothing concrete - literally or figuratively - will be taking place without the congregation voting. In other words, no building would start, no agreements for development would be signed, without an official Calvary membership meeting and vote. Then, we would also required approval from both the PAOC District and National offices for this potential project.  Please be in prayer that God’s will would be done in regards to this potential redevelopment of His property for His church.  Thank you."