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Thank you. It's been a while since our last update. Me and Tracy were on holidays the last update, but you didn't miss any information because at that time, there was no new news. That's not the case this week.  Friday, there was a flurry of phone calls back and forth. The mayor had called Larry Hall, the head of our committee and he had inquired on whether we had heard anything from the planning department. Larry informed him that he had not heard anything and the mayor went on to let him know that there was a new manager of City Development. So the manager of City Development called Larry within a couple of hours and introduced himself and laid out the upcoming agenda for this week. So what's going to happen this week is they're gonna review all the information, the original submittal, the new submittal. And they've told Larry that they'll get back to him by Wednesday. Now, if there's something missing or they need more information, the city will set up a zoom call, they'll meet face to face with Larry and zoom in Ian. They'll go over anything that they think is missing or important. Larry said that he felt that the new manager seemed very friendly, very open to the idea.  So that's encouraging. We want to continue to pray, of course, about our journey and what God's will is. But I just want to remind the church body not only sometimes we focus so much on the destiny that we miss the journey. And I, I want you to focus on the journey that we're on right now. And you know, God's doing a lot of things in our church right now. A lot of people have came to the church, a lot of new faces and you know, that's exciting for those new people that are here. I know the crowds a little smaller this week but it was really large last week. There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is this church is full of imperfect people. The good news is we follow a perfect God. Amen. I know there's people that are praying  for the school that we're in that wouldn't have happened if we weren't here. If there's ever been a time when students and young people need a prayer staff at schools, it's now. So please continue to pray for the school. Would that have happened if we weren't here? Not to the extent that it is right now for sure. And you know, pray for the city. It's quite evident as we deal with the planning department that, you know, they're struggling. If there's people in, there's people out, you know, we're called to be a peculiar people instead of complaining about this or that. Let's, let's pray for the city. Let's pray for this department. The new gentleman's, I don't know his last name, his first name is David. Let's pray for David. Let's pray for David's family. Let's pray for the staff and the staff family. Whether this project moves forward or not, maybe something that we do will change the whole outlook in that department moving forward. The enemy does not want affordable housing in Charlottetown. The enemy does not want housing prices to become affordable for your kids, to buy homes. He does not want that. So let's pray. That's the journey that we're on. It's not the destiny, it's the journey, let's enjoy it. Let's recognize what's happening around us and let's thank God. That's good. Thank you.