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Thank you. Good morning church family. I know I'm here to give you an update, but I wanna take a  minute just to share just a little witness with you. I came in, I'm struggling this morning. I came in this morning,  went to my chair just overwhelmed with a feeling of love for this congregation. I know it's the Holy Spirit in me. It's just stirring. Uh You know, we're all brothers and sisters,  we all have the same spirit in us just screaming out to each other. But, you know, I realize that this feeling I'm having right now, my heart's beating. It's uh you know, the Lord, the Lord loves his congregation, loves his congregation. And Calvary Church isn't about, I come up, I talk about new buildings, old buildings. It's not about buildings, it's not about names on the side of a brick and mortar. This is Calvary Church and Calvary Church is doing just fine. Calvary Church is strong. OK. Our update for today is we did hear from the city and our new development manager has reached out  to Larry Hall and has told us that he's reviewed all our information and that they have called a meeting and the developing manager along with his senior staff is going to meet with Larry and with Ian from BG I on Tuesday at 130. So just keep that in mind and in your prayers. Also a second thing today,  we want to continue to encourage everyone to forward any questions that they may have concerning the journey that we're on. We've received some questions in the last two weeks and we want to thank the ones that had turned the questions in. And we're, I want you to know we're currently working on a bulletin because if some people have questions, I'm sure there's others. So we're gonna work on a bulletin and we'll have it available for everyone. But I can encourage you if you have any questions, please reach out to the board, any of the board members and be more than happy to answer those questions provided for other people. Thank you so much and God bless