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Thank you pastor. Before I do the update, I have to say on that the answer to uh routine, the guys that, you know, the girls are really good but the guys represented us men so well. Yes. And I was just sitting there thinking, I'm glad it's not me up there. But man, the guys did really, really well. So um update, as you remember last time, two weeks ago, we were on hold waiting for a meeting with the city. So the meeting did take place and the reason for the meeting was the main reason uh the topic was rezoning and we had hoped that we could use our current zoning on the application. But from the meeting, it was quite clear that we are going to have to apply for rezoning. And in order to apply for rezoning there, there's a couple of studies we have to do, we have to do a traffic study and an infrastructure study that's water, sewage and storm runoff. So that will have to take place. Good news is that the BGI will take care of that and the timeline on that to be turned into the city,  it'll happen before Christmas and that's not very far off. So that's, that's coming really quick.  So that's it for my update. Other than there were some questions submitted to the board. I want to apologize. We had hoped to have them this week, but they are coming soon. If there's any more questions, just let us know. Thank you very much.